Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When is the game?

 A: The Vacation starts May 14th and the game will be played on May 16th

Q:Where is the game being played?

 A: The game will be played in San Jose Costa Rica

Q:  Do they speak English in Costa Rica

 A: Some people do and some people do not.

Q: What kind of currency do they take? Do I have to exchange money?

 A: Most of the types of place we will frequent will take U.S currency or be able to convert into the local currency for you.

Q: What do I need to do to go?

 A: You need to get in touch with us via email or phone so we can get you registered and put you down for a room and jersey

Q: Do I need a Passport?

 A: Yes, you need to have a passport and if you don't have one then you need to take care of it asap.

Q: What does the 500 dollars cover?

 A The money covers your hotel room (4 nights), your uniform, and your registration.

Q: When do i have to pay for this

 A: We are going to book all the rooms on March 1st so we need all the money in by the end of February.

Q: Are we staying right next to the game field?

 A: Yes, we are staying in San Jose, Costa Rica it is about 15 minutes to the game field.

Q: How will I get to the game field?

 A: we will get a team bus for transportation to the game as well as from the airport to hotel and vice versa


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